Science and Humanities

About the Department

The Department of Science and Humanities aims at providing competitive quality education to the students with the assistance of well qualified, dedicated and highly motivated faculty members. The Department supports the students to lay basic profound foundation in all the branches of engineering. The faculty member’s impart the best teaching methodologies that can build competent professionals who can apply knowledge to the development of the society.



The Vision of the Department is to offer the best for the society by imparting high quality education to stimulate in the students a spirit of inquiry and desire to gain knowledge and skills that can enrich the development of both the individual and the society.



The Mission of the department is to motivate and inspire the students to have a strong background in science and humanities and to encourage the budding Engineers to develop effective communication skills.


Department of English

Communication is the one primary factor so crucial to be successful in any sphere of life. The department of English, guided by Prof. Peter Dominic Ryan has a very strong, dedicated and qualified faculty to help students become better communicators by teaching them not only to gain control over their stage fear and gain confidence, but also master the four skills- LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing). The team also handles Pronunciation, Vocabulary enhancement, Error detection and correction and teaching grammar through interactive methods. The Department has maintained a pass percentage of 100 in almost all the University exams.


Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 2010 with the mission to feed the budding Engineers with finer aspects of science, which make them understand, exploit and innovate new arena, which contributes to the technological advancement of tomorrow in the field of Chemistry at UG level. The Department, guided by Dr. C. Selvamurugan and his dedicated and qualified faculty, provide the students with the necessary insight they must have to learn the marvels of Chemistry.


Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics has a very dedicated team of experienced and well qualified staff members who always love to help students to learn maths with less effort and greater interest. The Department vision is for encouraging inquisitiveness in a student throughout so that he would be able to understand the fundamentals of technology. The teaching of mathematics enables the students to solve the problems related to science and technology as well as real life problems. They get into a wider horizon of knowledge and understanding through the different papers they are taught.


Department of Physics

The Department of Physics with talented faculties, provide the students with the opportunity to educate themselves with the various concepts in Physics what scientists have traditionally spent years of labour and study to understand. Department of Physics plays a major role in Engineering and Technology. It creates an opportunity for the students to understand the fundamental concepts of Engineering and Technology both in circuit and non circuit branches. In brief it lays a foundation in which the students want to excel in their own field of interest.